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    CY8CKIT-044 P6.5 cannot be routed .... how does one know this?


      (FYI, I am doing PSoC 101 Lesson 4 and 5 with the -044 dev kit. instead of the -042 kit)


      P6.5 is connected to the blue led on the board as well as a pin on the J2 Arduino header. To this novice, it should be usable and route-able.... because Cypress connected it in 2 places.

      When trying to control this pin (p6.5) via hardware ( ie. SW2 and P0.7), strange things happen.


      1.  The pin list on the cydwr does not always show p6.5.

      2.  The program button on Creator (ctrl + F5) works but terminates with fit.m0049 and then says p6 can not be used for routed connections.


      So I ask why? And did I miss a clue that would have saved me chasing this round and round for a couple days?



      Tim Miner