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    No input on instance problem

      Hi friends.


      I have a problem. I need help in this regard.  


      I made a design like in the picture. But I'm constantly getting a "No input on instance" error.  Also when I compile the program, the compilation process is successful.


      Why does this error result?



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          Could you check the pin configuration of PinOE?


          Into "general", you need to tick the "HW connection" of your "Digital output". In this case your pin is really connected into your design.


          [NOTE] PSoC Creator allows to leave a pin without hardware connection but in this case the digital pin is driven by "software".





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            hi rob


            Thank you for the reply. Now the problem is solved. But I didn't understand the cause of the problem.  I just restarted Psoc Creator 

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              I had a same issue and it was disappeared after I restart the PSOC creator..... Don't know why...

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                Restarting helped me too.  Thank you

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                  What helped me was to right click on the digital output pin and select "Find code examples", then selected "

                  "CE220263 – PSoC 6 MCU GPIO Pins Example" make sure! that the document title states "CE220263 – PSoC 6 MCU GPIO Pins Example" its a little wonky... It brings up other titles...


                  Then inside there, this configuration allowed me to compile. I will get back to you on whether it actually allows me to hold the MAX14830 in RESET.




                  I am using to perform a hardware reset via the MAX14830 active-low RST pin. In this scenario, according to the application note, manually pulse the active-low RST pin low, then high will cause the process as in automatic reset at POR.


                  I will let you know if it works... This has been a sharp but brutally fun learning curve... lol, I seem to be taking a masochistic delight in confronting painful tasks developing hardware/software projects...