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    BLE demo using PSoC 6 and PSoC 4 kit


      Hello everyone,


      Last time I introduced a BLE demo between PSoC 6 kits. The Central side used the PSoC 6 kit and previous software, and replaced the Peripheral side board with the PSoC 4 kit. So, introduce Peripheral side of PSoC4 program, here.

      BLE version is different between PSOC6 and 4, but the basic part is the same.



      CY8CKIT-062-BLE and CY8CKIT-042-BKE



      The touch button on the Central side operates the LEDs on the kit on the Peripheral side. Select the LED with the 0/1 button on the Central side, and adjust the LED brightness with the Slider. Button 0 selects green LED and Button 1 selects blue LED. The operation image is as follows.


      The circuit:

      PWM is prepared for LED adjustment on the Peripheral side.


      That's it.