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    CY15B104Q-S read failure after power up


      Dear Sirs,


        I have just started to use these FRAM memories. My test software for writing and reading is working 99% of the time.Occasionally I get a corrupted read immediately after power up. The memory contents is not corrupted as a further power cycle gives the correct results.

        I have noticed that the power up conditions are specified in the data sheet. There is no problem with tPU, as my first read is at least 100ms after Vdd is stable. However there may be a problem with tVR. I have measured the rise time from 0V to 2V as 95us/V.   My Vdd fall time is much slower than the spec, being 2.7ms/V.


      Could you please explain the significance of these specifications. The memories are part of a complex design, and it would be difficult to change the Vdd rise and fall times without powering the memories from a special supply.


      Is there a software solution to reset the memories after power up?




      Cosmo Little