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    VEML6070 I2C problems in reading (CYBLE 222014)


      Hi everybody,

      I'm working on CYBLE222014, to read data from an UV sensor from Vishay (VEML6070). This sensor has one write register(0x70>>1) and two read register(0x71>>1 and 0x73>>1), for UV MSB and LSB. In the  datasheet they say to inizialize the sensor with 2 step: first read ACK register(0x18>>1) and second write 0x06 in write register(0x70>>1); than you can read the UV value from the 2 registers, but if i run my code i read only 0x0000. I think i make a mistake in the read function, but I checked many times and seems OK.

      Any idea to solve?


      Best Regards