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    Need help selecting best PSoC MCU for CSX touchpad (and other noobish capsense questions)


      Hi all, I've got a pretty noobish understanding of the PCB world, but the various guides on it all have given me a pretty good understanding on capsense, enough to get started.


      I'm currently trying to design a touchpad. It needs to be 30mm x 150mm and I've decided a 4x20 grid will do the trick (each block's diagnol length is roughly 7.5mm).


      I'm currently very stuck on picking out a MCU. There seems to be a ton of options and I'm not sure exactly what I might need.


      1. What is the best MCU to that has 48 capsense i/o pins for a 4x20 touchpad? (I am correct in assuming I need 48 capsense pins for a 4x20 trackpad I hope...)

      2. What is the difference between capsense i/o and GPIO? On some MCU datasheets, they are listed as different things, but other documents seem to state you can use GPIO for capsense?

      3. I'm very new to Eagle as well but I can figure that out thanks to Youtube tutorials... A few PSoC devices are there in my Eagle library by default, but I'm not sure if any of them will work in my case. Once I know which PSoC device I need, how do I find an Eagle library containing it?

      4. Are there, by any chance, how-to videos or tutorials demonstrating the schematic/PCB design of a touchpad? Any examples I could take a look at, just to aid in the learning process?