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        Hello, can you give me an email address? I can get the specs. to you,


        Kind regards



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          I sent you a private message, which you can respond or goto my profile and click Message (lower-right).


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            Hello, the frequency sweep signal requirements are, 1Hz to 80Khz, at a rate of 1/8 second, duty cycle, period, pulse width to be controlled by a Teensy 3.6.

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              I noticed your question on other forum, which I rarely check:

              >Does anyone know what the bit length of the phase accumulator is?, this is required to calculate the tuning word apparently!

              >Where do you insert the Tune word in order to change the frequency sweep?


              -The length of the DDS24 accumulator is 24-bits. Component API provide all necessary functionality, so the user have no need to access low-level parameters.


              The DDS24 component has default API function to set the output frequency


              where value - is desired frequency in Hertz (double).

              When executed, this function automatically calculates and sets the DDS tuning word.


              If the above example is too complicated, I recommend to read the DDS24 AppNote provided and start with basic example.



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