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    How to read in multiple bytes on EZI2C?


      I am working on the challenge in the PSoC 101 tutorial video I2CReceive for the PSoC 4 pioneer kit.

      I am attempting to write a byte value to two different PWMs at different memory addresses to control the brightness of the on-board LED.

      However, I am only able to get a single PWM to work with the EZI2C receive module.


      This is my code with comments to explain what I did in attempt to control two PWMs:


      int main(void)


          CyGlobalIntEnable; /* Enable global interrupts. */


          uint8 compare1 = 0;

          uint8 compare2 = 0;

      /*increased i2cbuf size to 2 to accept two bytes*/

          uint8 i2cbuf[2];

          i2cbuf[0] = 0;

          i2cbuf[1] = 0;



      /*started second PWM module*/




      /*increased size of i2c buffer to 2*/

          I2C_EzI2CSetBuffer1( 2, 2, i2cbuf );




              if (compare1 != i2cbuf[0])


                  compare1 = i2cbuf[0];

                  PWM_WriteCompare( compare1 );



      /*added second compare statment to check if new data has been received*/

              if (compare2 != i2cbuf[1])


                  compare2 = i2cbuf[1];

                  PWM_1_WriteCompare( compare2 );







      In the bridge control panel, I send w 08 00 FF p and it works but when I send w 08 10 FF p (10 because that is the offset memory location) nothing happens.

      I have attached a picture of my TopDesign.cysch.