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    Is Pull-up of DQ /RWDS required?





      Is Pull-up of DQ / RWDS required?



      In P.25 [7. Interface States] of the following materials, it is stated that DQ / RWDS is in High-Z state during Cold / Warm Reset or Standby.


      I think this requires the Master MCU to place the bidirectional pins in the High-Z state.

      In other words, since Hyper Flash and MCU are in High-Z state with each other, I think it is necessary to prevent latch-up due to shoot-through current.

      In order to prevent this, it is the recognition that pull-up must be attached to the signal line.


      However, when I looked at the schematic of the reference board (IMXRT1050-EVK) below, there was no external pullup.



      Is Pull-up unnecessary?


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