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    "Attempted to read or write protected memory" on new USBDeviceList call


      Although I'm running .NET C#, I had this issue initially when trying to run in x64: CyUSB.dll - x64 - Matlab problem

      Any CPU would work.


      Anyway, I followed the advice to try CyUSB and now I'm getting "Attempted to read or write protected memory"... no matter what configuration I build with.


      StackTrace" at CyUSB.PInvoke.HidD_FreePreparsedData(Byte* data)\r\n at CyUSB.CyHidDevice.Open(Byte dev)\r\n at CyUSB.USBDeviceList..ctor(Byte DeviceMask, App_PnP_Callback fnCallBack)\r\n at CyUSB.USBDeviceList..ctor(Byte DeviceMask)\r\n at USBBootloaderHost.Form1..ctor() in C:\\CyBootloaderHost\\USBBootloaderHost\\Form1.cs:line 57\r\n at USBBootloaderHost.Program.Main() in C:\\CyBootloaderHost\\USBBootloaderHost\\Program.cs:line 18"string


      Any advice appreciated.

      My final goal is to add a feature to my app to program PSoC over USB.

      Are there any examples I can download?