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    CCG3PA 39W Dual Port Car Charger USB A port


      I am looking at the schematics for the car charger: https://www.cypress.com/documentation/reference-designs/ez-pd-ccg3pa-usb-c-pps-39w-dual-port-car-charger-power-adapter


      Page 2 of the schematics shows the USB data pins connected together thorough a 0R link. Why is this?

      DM-A and DP-A are connected together through a 0 ohm link R20.

      How can QC 2.0 work? The device should request more voltage e.g. 9V by sending voltage on the data pins. Is the data pins are connected together, QC 2.0 cannot work.


      Can you explain this or have I misunderstood?


      The testing below shows a voltage present on the data pins. How can this be when there is a 0R link connecting them together?


      Are the schematics out of date?