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    Turn off pull down on WL_REG_ON via software


      I'm working with a board that uses a LX1 module for wifi. The wifi works, but the WL_REG_ON pin is connected to a pin on the fpga. Even though the fpga pin holds it hi, when the fpga reloads, the line drifts low. This leads to the wifi  unit turning off and not restarting. (I know about the driver bug and the end goal is not have the line go low).


      In the description of the pin, it says the pull down can be turned off in software. I cannot find anything that documents how you would do this though. I looked at the source for the Linux driver, and nothing jumps out at me as a way to do this fro the driver.


      How do I disable to pull down on the WL_REG_ON line via "software"?