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    Generate a sine wave with VDAC


      Hello everyone !


      I’m new with PSoC and I would like to generate a sin wave from the VDAC.

      To do so I need a ( high ) number of values for the argument of the sine function.

      I tried to create a list like in python : theta = [0:(2*pi//100:2*pi] for example, but every time I try something it is invalid.

      I also tried to mane a for loop outside the main function like this :


      unsigned int step:

      for ( step=0; step<100; step++)



      it didn’t work as well. I had expectation of ‘(‘



      Also, let’s imagine I have a set of values for the angle of my sine function, let us call it x.

      Can I do sin(x) to have another set of value of the sin of each value for the angle ?



      thank you for your help