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    CCG3PA - GPIO use of SWD pins




      I am using the CCG3PA (CYPD3175) in a power adapter like design and I'd like to use one of the SWD pins as a GPIO. In particular, I'd like to use it to control a termination resistor to enable the Apple 2.4A charging mode (DP_APPLE_SRC_TERM_A).


      I have found the setting for the Debug Select in PSoC Creator (as shown in the attached screenshot), but I cannot find any mention of this in the CCG3PA documentation. The note says to reference the Technical Reference Manual (TRM) but I cannot find a TRM for the CCG3PA.


      My concern is that I won't be able to program the CCG3PA via SWD if I have other circuitry connected to those signals and I see no guidance in the documentation on how to handle this.