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    CYUSB3035 FX3 Controller SPI Flash Support


      Hello Everyone,


      We are planning to use SPI Flash boot option for FX3 controller. As per the datasheet, SPI flash/EEPROM devices from 1 Kb to 32 Mb in size are supported for boot.

      Note that SPI boot has been tested with the part numbers M25P16 (16 Mb), M25P80 (8 Mb), M25P40 (4 Mb), W25916, and MX25L1606L, but the equivalents of these parts may also be used.


      Most of these selected parts are not active. Please suggest other SPI Flash supported with FX3 controller.


      Also, please check and let us know if we can use W25Q80DVSNIGCT (Winbond SPI Flash) with FX3 controller for the booting purposes.


      Thanks & Regards,

      Sunny Watts