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    Crystal Requirements for HX2VL


      Hi Cypress


      Base on AN72332 , The Crystal need 600-μW minimum drive level . We have out of stock issue now , But most component was less then 600uW as attach file ( Only 500uW max for drive level ) . It is Mass production that can't modify the PCB for series resistor,  Can We use the XIHCCLNANF-12.000000MHz  for CY7C65634 ? If you have a crystal to suggest for us ? Thank !!

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          The crystal ratings are the maximum ratings which means we recommend a 600uW crystal to make sure power dissipation does not exceed the drive level of the crystal. Please calculate the actual power dissipation from the equation in section 3.2.1 of AN72332 based on your crystal's parameters.

          If the calculated value is less than maximum drive level of your crystal (500 uW in the attached datasheet), you could use the same in your board.


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