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    USB3 To DisplayPort Conversion


      Are there any offerings from Cypress for a USB3.0 to DisplayPort conversion with the following details:


      1. Host computer does not support DisplayPort Mode but has USB3 ports available

      2. Windows 10

      3. This conversion scheme/circuit shows up as a Virtual COM port in Windows 10 (we don't want to have another Monitor show up, rather we want to send bytes of display data from the USB port, through this magical bridge solution, to a physical monitor

      4. Throughput of about 30 frames per second of 1080p

      5. Could live with HDMI as the output if the above could be satisfied


      I see that the CCGx family performs similar conversions (USB to DP/HDMI/etc.) but not sure if I can get any of them to show up as a COM port and not a separate Monitor in the Windows 10 environment.


      Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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          As you mentioned, the CCGx solutions perform USB to DP/HDMI conversions over type-C port because the modes are supported by the host. It wont be possible to do the same on a USB 3.0 port that shows up as a Virtual COM Port and actually connects to a monitor using a DP or HDMI interface.

          You could implement the same using FX3 and a FPGA, but you would need a HDMI transmitter on a system like-

          Host -> FX3 -> FPGA -> HDMI transmitter -> Monitor.


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