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    where can i  download the psoc updater manager


      Hi there.

      I  deleted all the relevant documents and reinstalled the software of psoc creator 4.2 . This leads to a problem.When I click  the update manger,

      it is unable to start it. It seems the update manger is uninstalled .So how  can i solve it.

      Thanks and regards!


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          If the error message is as follows, please follow the steps after mentioned.

          Error message: "Unable to start executable image: (C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\Cypress Update Manager\cyliveupdate.exe"

          Reason: This is caused by an incomplete installation. Try reinstalling the PSoC Creator software. If issue persists, check whether the file cyliveupdate.exe exists within the C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\Cypress Update Manager folder. This file can run standalone. As a workaround, copy the EXE file to the location listed earlier from another installation. Create a technical support case with Cypress support to obtain the file if you are unable to obtain it from another installation.

          This KBA can be helpful in future too: Troubleshooting PSoC® Creator™ Issues - KBA217546

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