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    Top Discussion Threads: January

    Sara Leslie

      Here are January's top discussion threads:


      CyCx3UvcAppUSBEventCB never executed45USB superspeed peripherals
      FX3 to FPGA via GPIF II Interface42USB superspeed peripherals
      CSI-2 MIPI Issue19USB superspeed peripherals
      debug prints incorrect instead getting random data19USB superspeed peripherals
      Did I loss something when I setting the uvc 1080p descriptors based on AN75779?17USB superspeed peripherals
      CX3 RDK schematics relayout function check14USB superspeed peripherals
      Dual Aptina MT9M114 MIPI stream @2560x720p14USB superspeed peripherals
      Cypress Fx3 bulk In transfer data buffer is empty14USB superspeed peripherals
      FX3 grabbing image timeout13USB superspeed peripherals
      Debug FX3 via JTAG12USB superspeed peripherals
      FX3 second stage boot-loader12USB superspeed peripherals
      UART12USB superspeed peripherals
      FX3 ESD Failure11USB superspeed peripherals
      EZUSB-CX3 and PC connection11USB superspeed peripherals
      CY7C65215A 485 TXEN delay is too high and not a fixed value?15USB low-high speed peripherals
      FX2LP is not working properly for Snapshot mode?13USB low-high speed peripherals
      Does V4L2 is supported to FX2LP13USB low-high speed peripherals
      How do you do a 'Save As' of a project so that you keep the original project intact and start a new one benefitting from all the code of the original?17PSOC Software
      How to speed up build time?12PSOC software
      How to write firmware for a CSX button matrix on PSoC 6 Capsense? (Are there code examples online too)13Psoc 6 MCU
      How do I change/assign the BDAddr of a Advertising BLE node?11PSoC 6
      What is best way to control heater using a PSOC511PSoC 5LP MCU
      #define 'variable' grayed out in c code13PSoC 5LP
      PSOC 4 UART to I2C bridge for bootload host communication21PSoC 4 MCU
      dht2212PSoC 4 MCU
      Actual acquisition time for PSoC4100S SAR ADC11PSoC 4 MCU
      Power Antenna setups with CY8C424815PSoC 4 BLE
      CY8CPROTO-062-4343W - SPI Flash error without thermistor portion16Modus Toolbox mbed sdk
      How to specify your own user passkey11Wiced Studio Bluetooth Forums
      About the DMA transfer time for S6E2H12FM4 MCU


      What were some of your favorite discussions and content last month?


      Were there any that you found especially helpful?


      Share them with us in the comments below.


      Best Regards, Sara