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    Initialized/Default data in FM25V20A



      I am using FM25V20A and I would like to write some data into memory locations. If I try to read the locations, then I am getting random values.

      What is the default value (for example, 0xFF or 0x00)



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          The data in FRAM when Cypress ship our devices from our factory is 0x00 (all locations). Please see more details in the following knowledge base article, FRAM Contents when Shipped from Cypress - KBA88164 .


          To help you with this issue, we would like to know some more details.

          1. When do you observe random data in FRAM? While reading default data from a new FRAM or while reading a known data already written into the FRAM. Please clarify.

          2. Are you observing this issue with all of the FRAM (FM25V20A) devices that you tested? How many devices are failing?

          3. From where did you purchase the FRAM devices. Can you provide more details?

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