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    Regarding CY8C4146AXI-S433 Programming issues ?


      Hello Sir/Ma'am


      I am designing product with CY8C4146AXI-S433 IC for our application.


      This IC works fine for some time but after some time IC is not getting Programmed either through PSOC creator or PSOC Programmer.

      Programming Protocol,IC voltages,Programming Pins connection are correct.


      Still IC is not getting programmed after some time. Is there any limit to how many time IC should get programmed ?

      Because we are in development stage so we are programming it as modify the code.


      If IC is replaced with new One on same board, programming starts again but after certain attempt., Programming doesn,t happening.

      At least by now I have changed 5 Nos IC .

      Although IC is not getting Program yet existing code in IC works properly including changes in parameter and EEPROM saving.


      Application :

      1)Digital Input,Digital Output,7 segment display.


      Psoc Creator Error shows

      Error : Warning: dbg.M0039: There was an error running port acquire: Can not acquire SWD device!