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    Broadcom WICED/IoT: Images from CES 2016...


      Overall, CES 2016 was an excellent showcase for our WICED/Broadcom IoT offering.


      The new BCM20739 as an enhanced ultra low power Bluetooth/BLE SoC and highly integrated BCM43907 Wi-Fi devices were highlighted and received alot of positive feedback.


      Two state of the art demos were also the focus of attention for many:

      • BIG (Bluetooth Internet Gateway) with MESH (lighting demo)
        • For this demonstration, we placed the Chikony bulbs at a distance of 5 ft away from each other to demonstrate the MESH capabilities of the Broadcom device (i.e. in-home and away concept
        • Customers really enjoyed this demo, including the associated Android lighting application
      • WICED Apollo (Audio demo)
        • Here we demonstrated our own WICED Apollo driving a standard 2.1 setup (left speaker, right speaker and a subwoofer)
        • Despite a couple of of interference issues related to the show floor being crowded, the demonstration went well
          • Attendees were amazed by both the tiny display used and the quality of the audio solution
        • There was a similar demo setup which was manned by our modem group, also leveraging the Apollo audio solution

      We also showcased our latest BCM43907+BCM20707 hardware which supports both BIG and AWS connectivity.  Here again, the show floor was noisy and caused interference, but the demo managed to work flawlessly with no issues.

      Many of our Home Automation customers also joined us at the show to demonstrate their offerings in the IoT space: Dexatek, AT&T, iSmartAlarm, Universal Electronics to name a few.


      We also shared our space with WICED WEAR, and that team was busy demonstrating their Android wear which leverages the same innovative Broadcom chipset as the one used in the Sony Watch.


      Pictures from the event are also provided below.




      number 2.png