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    Keeping BT connections active with 20706


      I have a customer that would like to be able to do the following with the 20706 or a 343026 module:

      1) Use the 20706 in A2DP SOURCE mode

      2) Pair to 4 different headsets saving link keys for each of the headsets

      3) Keep connected to each of the other 3 headsets while streaming music to one.


      The concept is that they do not want the connection to be dropped as this could lead to the headsets turning off after a timeout when they do not have a connection.  They would like to avoid this.  They would change the destination headset by watching for a button press with the 20706 and then stopping music to one headset (keeping a connection) and then streaming to another.


      I know that we can do something like this with BLE where we could keep 4 connections active and only move data on one of them, but I'm not sure there is the same capability with Classic BT on the 20706.


      Looking for any suggestions on how to do this.