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    WICED SDK Support for BCM4343W & BCM4354

      My company is starting development work on a new product and we are considering using a Broadcom radio. We plan to use Micrium uC/OS-III RTOS and uC/TCP-IP networking stack. In discussions with Micrium, they indicated that it would be easy to integrate their RTOS and network stack into the WICED SDK to provide a complete WI-FI solution. I have been looking at radio options that are supported by the WICED SDK. The BCM4343W radio is mentioned on the WICED web page as being supported, but when you download the SDK, the readme file does not mention that the BCM4343W is supported. Can someone confirm that this radio is currently supported? If not, will it be in the future?


      Another product in our company is using the BCM4354 radio, it would be a better choice for us to re-use this radio if it can or will be supported by the WICED SDK. As with the BCM4343W, the BCM4354 radio is mentioned on the WICED web page, but noted as a Linux Only Solution and is not mentioned in the SDK readme as supported. Can someone confirm whether this radio is supported by the WICED SDK? What does a Linux Only Solution mean and would that make it difficult to use Micrium uC/OS-III and uC/TCP-IP?