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    Best Method for Schematic & PBC Layout Design for CSX Capsense Touchpad




      I am designing a touchpad that is 150mm x 30mm, with sensor electrodes organized in a 6x30 diamond pattern. I've selected the PSoC 4100S Plus device for use here. The next step is creating a schematic & PCB Layout.


      I'm new to PCB design and all, but I've been learning how to use Autodesk's Eagle. I have not been able to find a library containing the PSoC 4100S Plus device to use. I am not sure if there's a reason for this that's over my head or if simply there's not one available? I have also located the PSoC 4100S Plus component as a library for Allegro & Altium here https://www.cypress.com/cad-resources/psoc-4-cad-libraries.


      Should I be looking at making my own library component for the PSoC 4100s Plus in Eagle, or be using another program? Am I missing something big here? (Again, I'm new to this)