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    Where is the Code that Accompanies Application Notes?


      Sorry to have to ask such a stupid and basic question, but here goes:


      Having only previously worked with PICs and Pis, I have bought a PSoC 5 LP Development Kit.


      I have found an excellent Cypress application note that describes a building block that will contribute a significant part of the solution to building a Flux Gate Magnetometer.


      The Application Note is titled: "Frequency Measurement With Counter in PSoC®3/PSoC5" and appears to have the reference 001-56063 and can be found here: www.cypress.com/file/144696/download


      Having gone through all the steps and 'built' the high level design, at the end of the note it usefully mentions "Refer to the code in main.c for the frequency calculation".


      Unfortunately, despite repeated searching both on the Cypress site and the wider web, I have been unable to find any code relating to this note.


      Have I made a very basic mistake? Or is the code not published?


      Many thanks in advance for any pointers that you can provide.


      (I have posted this question to the PSoC 5LP MCU Community, but it's probably applicable to other products, so I shan't be oiffended if it is subsequently moved)