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    Can one CCG2 component on CY4502 be programmed with CY4532 kit if other end of CY4502 is plugged in?


      Section 3.8.2 in the Development Kit Guide for CY4502 describes programming via CC line using the 2 board CY4501. The need for the two board CY4501 is explained below Figure 3-15:

      Standard DFP implementations can only initiate USB-PD commands when a USB-PD power contract is in place. Since the DFP cannot setup a power contract while a power consumer (Upstream Facing Port or UFP) is not present, programming the CCG2-based EMCA cable requires both a host (DFP) and client (UFP) to be connected…


      Is there any reason the CY4502 can't be programmed over CC lines using the CY4532 kit connected to one end of the CY4502 as long as the other end of the CY4502 is connected to a client (UFP)?