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      In this section of https://www.cypress.com/documentation/technical-reference-manuals/psoc-4200l-family-psoc-4-registers-technical-reference


      it says "Use 0 for EP1, 1 for EP2, etc." under DYN_CONFIG_EN, but DYN_CONFIG_EN is a single enable bit.  Was that supposed to be listed under DYN_RECONFIG_EPNO?

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          Hello Jonathan,


          You are correct that the description listed under DYN_CONFIG_EN should have been under DYN_RECONFIG_EPNO.


          To make it clear:


          DYN_CONFIG_EN: This bit is used to enable the dynamic re-configuration for the selected EP.

          If set to 1, indicates the reconfiguration required for selected EP.


          DYN_RECCONFIG_EPNO:  These bits indicates the EP number for which reconfiguration is required when dyn_config_en

          bit is set to 1. Use 0 for EP1, 1 for EP2, etc.