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    IAR tool chain for 89820.


      Hi Cypress team,


      Recently we want to use the 89820 on Automotive project.

      Almost end customer wants to use the IAR.


      The previous question is below:

      Could Modustoolbox support the IAR tool chain?

      I modified the make file but we could not build the reference application. (currently, I'm using the hello client application)

      Below is the error message


      Compiling hello_client.c  -DWICED_BT_TRACE_ENABLE ......

      Command line error: Unable to open the command file "freestanding"

      make: *** [../../../wiced_btsdk/dev-kit/baselib/20820A1/make/core/build.mk:379: C:/Users/wayne/mtw2/BLE_989820EVB01/ble/hello_client/build/CYW989820EVB-01/Debug/hello_client.o] Error 2


      I've changed the makefile in hello client project.




      And also changed the "IAR.mk"


      CY_CROSSPATH="C:/Program Files (x86)/IAR Systems/Embedded Workbench 8.4/arm/bin"


      What is the "freestanding"? Is there anything to build with the IAR compiler?