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    Fit rate of S29GL064S


      Please provide the value of S29GL064S SER (Fit rate).

      - Alpha Static SER

      - Newtron SER


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          Thank you for contacting Cypress Semiconductor.


          The S29GL064S is manufactured using the 65 nM process technology node.


          The Cosmic Ray (Neutron & Proton)  FiTS**rate testing, per Mb, over process

          technology is 0.3 FITs, computed at on a per Megabit basis, at sea level.

          ** = FITs rate at sea level is 60% UCL @ 150 MeV.


          In regards to Alpha Particles the FITs is 3E-7 (However for 230 nM process technology node).

          FITs data is at the standard 60% UCL @ 5MeV  (for 230MeV)




          Best regards,


          Cypress Semiconductor

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            Thank you for your quick response.

            I could understand.