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    Inability to download Serial Port Viewer And Terminal Software


      Just had the run around on this one in both Chrome & Edge. I'm following the installation instructions and was prompted to download the Serial Port Viewer And Terminal software, which is available from https://www.cypress.com/documentation/software-and-drivers/serial-port-viewer-and-terminal. Easy right? No. You have to be quick clicking the modal before the page refreshes with a massive JSON string. Clearly the website is now broken such that you can no longer download software. By the community posts, sounds like this is a recent change.


      The modal pops up asking you to confirm you have read the terms and conditions by ticking a box and clicking "download". Only the page refresh occurs before you can even get the mouse to hove over the checkbox, let alone give you a moment to read the Ts&Cs.


      Anyone reading this forum able to fix the website?

      Anyone else struggling with this issue?