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    Is there a way to remove the input pin constraint for the CAN component or to switch rx input of it without wasted an IO?




      I want to add some logic wrapped to the CAN component for FD tolerant operation as mentioned in https://can-newsletter.org/uploads/media/raw/35a48f1d88ddf2a198638c0a5be51761.pdf .


      The design is mostly done,

      Tx output switching is OK with a tristate output pin (thanks to the transceiver pull-up)

      but I have a problem with rx input switching. The error message is;

      Error: mpr.M0074: The RX port on CAN block "\CAN:CanIP\" must be directly connected to an IO pin. (App=cydsfit)


      It's working with the following way, but it wastes a pin;



      Do you have any idea to do it without any wasted pin? Is there any way to remove the rx pin constraint of CAN component?


      ( same issue : CAN-BUS: 2 controllers in 1 chip => 1 transceiver, how to do it? )



      Thanks, Regards.