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    Regarding CYBT-413034-02


      Consider the scenario- Two CYBT-413034-02 nodes are present (namely node A and node B). Also one BT speaker is present.


      I am using BLE mode. Node B is the advertiser. Node A is the scanner and it initiates connection to node B and gets successfully connected. Can node B be connected to BT speaker also parallelly and send some sounds over BT, If yes,then my doubt is whether same program in node B, handle both

      (a) BLE connection to node A,

      (b) and audio transfer to BT speaker.


      Also my question is to where to store specific sound related data in node B.


      It would be advantageous to me, if the connection between node B and BT speaker is also in BLE mode (and audio data transfers also in BLE mode). My requirement is low power.



      Ameet Kumar Haware  

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          Hi Ameet,


          It is possible to have a BT+BLE connection at node B.

          For audio transmission, there are BT (not BLE) profiles available like A2DP. You can send audio data over BT to BT speaker from node B and can have a BLE connection with A. However, we do not have any code example available for voice over BLE transmission as you need node B-speaker connection in BLE mode.


          On program side, I would suggest you to go through demo.watch code example in WICED SDK.

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            1. Just to ask one more question, is voice transfer over BLE possible. I am asking you this because I am a new person in Bluetooth.


            Sure I will go through demo.watch code example in WICED SDK


            2. In your reply, does BT mean BT classic, and is BT Classic same as BR/EDR.




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              1. Some companies provide voice over BLE feature in their products. I would suggest you to search about them in brief for more details.

              2. BT classic includes Bluetooth BR, EDR, AMP technologies, so BR-EDR is normally referred to as Bluetooth classic. Some online articles might be helpful regarding this.