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        Hi Len


        The photo to be attached is in the state of power ON.

        The LED04 port is P15. 2.

        The logic level remains at 0V.


        What should I do?

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          Interesting.  You can see from my scope plot that LED04 is only driven low when a switch is pressed.  Note:  I had to change the assignment for LED04 from P15.2 to P3.5.  When it was on P15.2, I did get a stuck low condition.  I thought it was because on my 059-Kit I has a 32K XTAL soldered on to P15.2.  Maybe that's not it.


          There are three other reasons I can think of that might be causing what you are seeing.

          1. Did you copy the new logic for the LED04 output I posted?  My previous logic assumed that the Pulse Converter worked on either edge.  That was wrong.  I only works on rising edge and therefore I had to invert the input and the output signal.
          2. Make sure that Clock_2Hz and Clock_100Hz are using ILO as the source clock.  Otherwise the clock frequencies using the MASTER_CLK will be the same.  (See post above).
          3. Reassign LED04 to P3.5 with the output as a STRONG.  Use a scope to determine the logic state and if the active low pulse is occurring as expected.  If the reassignment works, make the reassignment permanent. (Or find another Port pin that will work).




          PS:  Don't give up.  You're nearly there!

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