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    Can detect IC, but cannot program PSoC 4100S at 5V power




      1. Design with PSoC 4100S. XRES pull-up resistor is 4.7k, capacitor to GND is 0.1uF. No pull-up or series resistor on SWDIO and SWDCLK. System power should be 5V.

      2. Miniprog3 can program PSoC at 3.3V, cannot program PSoC at 5V no matter programmer powered or external powered.

          While using PSoC Creator, powered at 5V, we found IC part number could be detected, "Programming" was shown in the output window but couldn't move on and then failed.

      3. Miniprog4 cannot program no matter powered at 5V or 3.3V. It failed at detecting IC.


      Could you give some suggestions on how to fix the problem ? Thanks.