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    FX3/CX3 (CYUSB3065) on thread locking


      FX3/CX3 (CYUSB3065) on thread locking:           

      I use this chip and then use routines to create a DMA to transmit UVC video data (as a computer camera) via USB3. The function has been implemented, but when the device is connected to the computer, the computer enumerates to the device, but has not yet selected the device as a camera, the thread of the device system is not running (looks like it is locked), including the clock provided by the system. The interface (CyU3PTimerCreate or tx_timer_create) no longer calls back functions until the computer selects the device, and these threads continue to run.           

      Note: If the device is not connected to the computer, or the device is selected by the computer, the threads of the device are normal.           

      Excuse me, what is the problem, or what materials can I learn about it?