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        Hello. I'm sorry to hear that the reboots are still occurring.


        Yes unfortunately you can't find what caused a reboot by just using our API.


        Since you are using 20736S which is SIP module, you may indeed have the crystal warmup issue (not very probable though I think).

        Have you ever tried to figure out if this was the problem?


        I doubt the traces are causing the reboots. However according to you, you only experience the reboots when using traces, right?

        ===>> Actually, can you elaborate more on the situation of when you see a reboot happening? <<===

        Have you ever tried running some other applications(e.g. unmodified, original hello_sensor) on your board and see if you get these reboots when using traces? If you still get reboots, it's probably the board.


        Do you have any other board that you can test like our Tag 3 Evaluation board?

        Because I didn't have any problems using your app on Tag 3. No disconnections, no reboots.

        Although, I did have to change the GPIO pin used for the button for some reason.

        Have you ever tried changing the GPIO pin that you are using?


        At this point, I would do anything really to debug, no matter how improbable it may sound.

        Also, try to add one feature at a time from scratch. (You've probably already developed this way).

        Comment out whole chunks of code and start adding little by little.


        I'm sorry I can't give you a definitive solution.

        But I'll be happy to continue to brainstorm on this if you tell me more about the reboot situation.


        It seems like we started talking about random disconnections in the beginning and then about random reboots.

        Are they the same problem? Are disconnections caused by reboots?

        If not, did you fix the disconnection problems?:)




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          Were you able to fix your problem?



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            While we still deal with the odd disconnection every now and again, the majority of this has been stopped by petting the watchdog timer in the interrupt as this was sometimes firing far too often resulting in issues, if I find any more details I'll update, thank you for your help

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