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    rejoining network fails - What is correct procedure?


      In our code we check to see if the Stations (WICED Platform) connection to the Access Point has failed. If it has we continue to reattempt to connect to the AP again.

      When the network reports that it is back up we find that there is no IP connectivity (Pings continue to fail to the device)


      This is the code we use


          if( !wiced_network_is_up( interface ) ) {


               * Try and restart


              wiced_network_up(interface, dhcp_type, NULL);

              if( wiced_network_is_up ( interface ) ) {

                  printf( "Wi-Fi Network Restarted\r\n" );

                  sntp_restart_auto_time_sync(); // Update time from ntp server.




      What other function or procedure do we need to use to rejoin the network.


      Using 3.4.0 AWS. From memory we did not see this problem in 3.1.2