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    BCM43340: is there an API to debug the internal state machine

      i am seeing an issue with this chipset where it seems like data i send to it over SDIO is not being sent out over the air. this is what i am trying to do


      1. associate with an open AP

      2. perform a socket connect() - this is supposed to connect to a server which is also associated with the same AP.


      My system is using LWIP for the network stack. I can trace down the connect() call all the way to the point where my wifi driver sends the connect data to the chip over the sdio interface. i am running Wireshark on a separate machine which is in 'monitor mode'. So in theory I should be able to see the connection request that is sent out by the broadcom chip. But I don't see this data in Wireshark. My theory is that the chip is not sending out data it receives over SDIO.


      Is there any reason why this would happen? Can we use any APIs to debug what the chip is doing?