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    Broadcom Smartwatch Platform



      I'm looking for more information regarding Broadcom's Smartwatch Platform as mentioned here:  News Release | Broadcom


      For starters I'd like to see a picture and some introductory material.

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          You will want to work with one of our Distributors to better understand the engagement criteria for the Smartwatch platform.



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            I'm not sure I understand.  Are you saying I should ask a distributor for more info on this platform?  That Distributors link above shows nothing.  I'm looking for a product brief, a datasheet, or a picture.  I couldn't find anything, other than the press release, on this Smartwatch Platform on Broadcom.com.

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              This product is not designated as a Broad-market offering, so it is not supported here on the community website.


              For all non-Broad-market products, you will work with your local Broadcom channel/sales team and they will present the opportunity to the appropriate internal business unit for review (traditional Broadcom type engagement).


              Broad-market supported products are identified here in the selector guide: The specified item was not found.


              I believe there are plans to eventually move the Smartwatch platform into the Broad-market portfolio, but I do not have an ETA.

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