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    Is there a way to list all inline warnings and errors?


      Is there a way to get a listing of all the errors and warnings shown in the code editor?


      The project still compiles, and these do not show up in the Notice List, but I think they mess up the code editor's features so that it can't find things, etc.  and sometimes those warnings are important, or clues to a more serious bug.




      2019-07-19 10_28_12-Broadcast Mic - PSoC Creator 4.2  [C__..._SSD Main_Broadcast Mic PSoC4_Broadcast.png


      2019-07-31 16_52_12-Q2Ui - PSoC Creator 4.2  [C__..._Q2Ui firmware PC4_Q2Ui.cydsn_Generated_Source_P.png