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    PSoC 6 OTA bootloader issues


      I have a PSoC 6 BLE application that I need to add an upgradeable stack OTA bootloader to.  When I did this in the PSoC 4 BLE world, there was a handy application note (AN97060) which explained how to adapt the files from the sample project to one's own project.  I don't see a similar application note for PSoC 6.  Is the recommended technique here to use the CE220960 example and use guessing and trial and error to figure out how to adapt it to my code?  Or is there an application note that I just can't find anywhere?


      Which brings me to the other problem.  I couldn't get CE220960 to build until I switched to PDL 3.0.1.  My application uses PDL 3.1.0.  Does this mean that I can't do OTA bootloading for it?