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    how to enable notification on the hello_sensor?

      I have two situationals.


      1.Hello_sensor(Smart Sensor Tag), Hello_client(peerapps-LeHelloClient,Android)


      2.Hello_sensor(Smart Sensor Tag), Hello_client(Tag3 board)


      I can register notification in the LeHelloClient,and I push the botton on the Smart Sensor Tag.


      The Smart Sensor Tag will send notification or indication to the LeHelloClient.


      But I use the Tag3 board to connect Hello_sensor,and I push the botton on the Smart Sensor Tag.


      The hello_sensor run botton and send message callback function,and the tag3 didn't receive notification or indication.


      So I use LeHelloClient app to register notification in Smart Sensor Tag,and disconnect it.


      I use tag3 to connect hello_sensor after LeHelloClient disconnect Hello_sensor,and push the botton on the Smart Sensor Tag.


      Then the tag3 can receive notification or indication.


      I think the problem that I didn't enable notification on the hello_sensor.


      How can I send command to enable notification or indication in hello_client?