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    CDC Web not stable?




      I wonder when this started, but recently I often receive error message like below, saying


      "The content that you requested could not be displayed due to an error.

      You may have been logged out.

      If this problem persists please contact your system administrator.

      Click here to refresh this page."




      Or when I try to login to CDC from my Cypress Home page, or move to another content,

      I receive following error. And often (not always, though), refreshing the page shows the content I was trying to see.


      Even when I'm trying to type response to a community question,

      the Red Ribbon shows up and often I loose what I was typing.


      I wonder if this is happening only to me?

      And/or what is the reason

      and if there is/are thing which I can do to prevent this to happen from my side.