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    Why could I not find this document via Cypress or the Cypress Community search engine


      I just happened to be researching the BLE Environmental GATT Service online and this document appeared on my Google search engine:




      A few weeks ago this would have saved me so much time.


      I thought wow, this is very good.


      I also thought wow, strange that this never crossed my radar.


      So I searched for it (using terms such as BLE Environment Sensing, etc.) on both the Cypress website and the Cypress community website and nothing was flagged.


      Why not.



      And the other reason I checked on Cypress website etc. was that I found an error with one of the links given in this document.


      Unlike other Cypress technical documentation, there is nothing on this document to tell you where to report errors.


      The error is in the section "Operation" and relates to the link to the Github repository. This link is pointing to the Cypress product page instead of the GitHub repository.


      EDIT... then when you actually go onto the GitHub page Code-Examples-BT-SDK-for-ModusToolbox/CYW920819EVB-02/apps/demo/env_sensing_temp at master · cypresssemiconductorco/Code…


      There is no mention of that document either. At least supply the link.



      BLE Environment Sensing