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    CYW20819 Resources




      Here is a Link to a new resource for CYW20819. It has the familiar Application Notes, Code Examples (with a basic explanation of the code) and some commonly used API's in a new format all in one link.


      Application Notes -

      Getting Started with CYW20819 - AN225684

      Getting Started with Bluetooth Mesh - AN227069


      Code Examples-

      Low-Power Modes - CE225540

      BLE Find Me Profile - CE226123

      BLE Environment Sensing Temperature - CE226300

      BLE Throughput Measurement - CE226301

      SPI-Based Datalogger - CE226537

      WICED CYW920819EVB-02 BLE_MESH_Dimmer

      WICED CYW920819EVB-02 BLE_MESH_Light_Dimmable


      API's -

      ADC , I2C , Timer ,PWM ,GPIO & BLE Peripheral


      Product Guide -

      CYW20819 Product Guide


      We hope this helps your development process with CYW20819

      Feel free to post your feedback.