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    RTC value is drifting too much. Any solution?


      Hello everyone

      I am using Wiced Studio and PSoC62.

      I have modified the existing sntp_get_time example code to automatically set the RTC time at the beginning of code. After continuously running the PSoC62 device for ~20 hours the difference between STNP time and RTC time is more than 7 mins.

      Is there any way to decrease this difference?


      AT the start the SNTP and RTC time and date values:

      RTC start.png

      After ~20 hours:

      RTC error.png

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          The accuracy of RTC component is defined by the accuracy of the connected external clock source. Can you please let us know the clock source you are using to provide input to the RTC component. The RTC component is driven by the Clk_Bak clock source. It is recommended to drive the Clk_Bak by the WCO, if it present in design, instead of the ILO. In case WCO is absent on the board you can use an external crystal (32.768-kHz) with high accuracy.


          The RTC inaccuracy is ±1minutes/year (room temperature) if RTC clock source is ±2ppm calibrated.


          Best Regards