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    How do I use the BLE 4.1 stack instead of the BLE 4.2 stack on a PSOC4 CY8C4248xxx-BL583 part?


      We have products in the field that use the -483 part (4.1 stack) but the part is going obsolete and we may have to use the -583 part eventually.   But we do not want to manage two separate custom OTA upgrades (very expensive from a qual point of view, not to mention the front end updates required) so we would like to build for the -583 with a 4.1 stack.   I have found that I can OTA -583 code into a -483 and it runs fine except that the device wont connect with the 4.2 stack.  I believe building for the -583 with the 4.1 stack would solve our problem.  Is there a way to replace the BLE 4.2 component with a 4.2 component in Creator (V3.3)?