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    Main Routine Does Not Run


      I have tried two programs i have ran previously on a 4000S part number CY8C4024LQI-S402 and then i switched to CY8C4025LQI-S412.  I can program it fine and even set intial state of pins properly but my main routine does not seem to run.  I did notice that the parts I received from Digi-key are labeled on the actual part CY8C4025LQI-S411,  .... Is this possible cause of my issue?  I did notice on the community someone else possibly having a similar issue.



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          Have you changed the "device" in the project and made sure that all pins are correct,

          then clean and build the program?


          If you have done so and the binary was programmed without problems

          then I hope that at least the device (or its ID) is correct with the one you specified.


          Meantime is/are there any warning message when you compiled, programmed the device?


          And what does "Main Routine Does Not Run" means?

          What is the symptom you are seeing?


          It would be nice if you can attach the project in question

          or similar project which can reproduce the problem.



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            thank you for getting back to me ... sorry for delay i blew up my board had to rebuild it.  My problem seemed to go away after i move enabling my global interrupts before i started  my UART and ADC.


            I hope i am good to go now ... thanks again for helping me!!!  I will post my Thermistor code for the 4000S when i get it finished up.