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    USB UART driver is missing after windows 10 update


      Hello all,


      Our device is using the Cypress ARM Cortex-M3 (CY8c5866LTI-LP022, PSoC5800). It stores data which is sent to the client using USB.

      For this, we install the Cypress USB UART driver (https://www.cypress.com/documentation/software-and-drivers/microsoft-certified-usb-uart-driver ) on the PC.


      All works splendid, however...


      On some of the windows 10 computers, the driver disappears after an update.


      The fix is simple: Right click the Unknown device -> update drivers -> automatically search for drivers -> done.

      All is working again... however:


      Why does this happen? and what can I do about it so it won't happen again / or is solved automatically/programatically.


      Best regards,